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Frequently Asked Questions About Drilling a Water Well in Colorado

How do you drill a well?

Golden Eagle Drilling has two types of drill rigs to serve your needs. The first is a rotary rig which uses a special cone roller bit attached to the bottom of hollow drill pipe that is rotated cutting the formation. Compressed air is forced down the drill pipe lifting the cuttings out of the well.

The other rig is a cable tool which uses a large solid bit attached to a cable that is raised and dropped rapidly crushing the formation. The cable tool rig is used mostly on large diameter and commercial wells.

How is a well constructed?

The drill rig bores a hole then installs casing which keeps the hole open. allowing a submersible pump to be installed. Casing is either steel pipe or PVC pipe. The State of Colorado requires blank steel casing be installed from one foot above the surface of the ground to 40 feet. Mother Nature determines whether more steel casing will be needed. If the bore hole will stay open during the drilling operation, then PVC can be installed.

Where should I drill?
Water is found in an "aquifer." An aquifer can be sand and gravel of an old stream bed or porous rock such as sandstone or limestone. Solid non-porous rock like granite carries water in fractures and cracks.

How deep will the well be?

The depth to water can vary greatly in just a short distance over the surface. A neighboring well can give an estimate of the depth, but there are no guarantees until the well is drilled.

How much water will I get?
Again, this can vary greatly in short distances. Some aquifers carry huge amounts of water and others will carry very little or none at all. The only way to know for sure is to drill.

When should I drill?

Because the water system design for your home and even the location of your home may be affected by the amount of water available, it is advisable to drill the well before any construction begins.

How much will the well cost?

Golden Eagle Drilling constructs most well on a per foot basis, therefore the total depth will determine the cost. There is usually different costs associated with installing steel and PVC casing. Also, because the drill rig is mounted on a large truck, earthmoving equipment may be needed to level a location.

What about permits?

You have to apply to the State of Colorado Department of Water Resources for a permit before a well can be drilled. Also, all legal drillers in Colorado are licensed through the same department. Make sure that the driller you hire has a license in good standing. Golden Eagle Drilling Holds License #1455, #1460. We are also bonded and insured.

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State License #1455, 1460

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